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Our twice monthly home inspections are the basis of our service. They can be customized to your particular needs and are designed to detect any problems that have arisen and to act as a preventive maintenance system for your home. The objective is to identify any areas of concern or weaknesses before they cause significant property damage - saving you valuable time and money. Although our inspections do not guarantee your home will be problem free, our watchful eyes will catch most minor problems before they become major ones.

The basic home inspection covers the exterior of your home. A walk-around check covers all exterior building surfaces, doors, windows, gutters, water, electrical, propane, and yard conditions. We will keep a key to your home in a secure lockbox so that we can do interior checks of appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical systems, heating systems, and check for any water intrusion, or any other damage to your home.

Once an inspection is complete, a report is emailed to you with any recommendations we have.

Getting started with Twain Harte Classic Cabin Care is easy. There is an initial enrollment fee of $50.00 to cover the lockbox and sign-up and then a modest $75.00 monthly fee to maintain our services.

Additional specialty services or other repair and maintenance services can be provided on an extra cost basis. Please see our services or maintenance pages for more information.